Media Advocacy

Utilizing Media to promote SCR 1325 to ensure women’s participation in decision-making and prevent sexual violence In the last 10 years, numerous initiatives to raise awareness and promote ownership of SCR 1325 and the succeeding resolutions on women and peace and security have taken place across the globe, many of which have been initiated by civil society groups. Despite this work, the level of awareness among government employees, UN staff, peacekeepers, aid workers, as well as women and men who live and work in communities directly affected by conflict, is still stunningly low.
The media project aims to raise awareness amongst the media in order to encourage reporting on SCR 1325, 1820 and other laws on women and peace and security. In Addition, it aims to promote partnerships between the media and women’s NGOs to facilitate a sustained media and communication outreach at the country and community levels. The project engages a mixture of media platforms to increase reach and communicate to as wide ranging audience as possible – these platforms will be inclusive of radio, television, print, online, mobile and social media.
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