Urgent Action Request: 20 Year Old Intisar Sharif Abdulla Sentenced to Death by Stoning in Sudan

On May 13th 2012 in Sudan, a young twenty-year old woman, Intisar Sharif Abdulla, was sentenced to death by stoning on accusations of adultery. Initially, Intisar and her co-accused pleaded “not-guilty,” however, after reportedly being beaten by her own brother, she later “admitted” to the charges. Not only was Intisar denied access to legal representation, but was also barred from having a translator, despite the fact that her knowledge of Arabic was limited. Now, as her co-accused walks free, Intisar, with her legs in chains and still nursing her four-month old baby who is in prison with her, awaits her conviction in a Sudanese detention centre.

In addition to exemplifying the unjust application of corporeal punishment, judicial standards have been almost wholly violated in the case of Intisar, illustrating the magnitude of gender inequality and discriminatory norms in Sudan. In anticipation of this young mother’s cruel and unfair death sentence, we ask that human rights groups, organizations, and networks take action and spread the word about Intisar Sharif Abdulla. A legal appeal has been instigated by a legal team on her behalf, however local and international pressure is needed to see that this appeal is upheld. Please help save this woman’s life by participating in the Amnesty Urgent Action and raising awareness by posting this onto your website, Facebook page, or other media outlet.