Newsletter Archive

Connecting for Peace; Issue 14
GNWP launches Women Count Security Council Resolution 1325: Civil Society Monitoring Report 2011 and Elana Luppino and Victoria Webbe share the experience working on the report with Liberian GNWP members.

Connecting for Peace; Issue 13
Read about side-events during the United Nations 66th General Assembly in New York and a recent workshop on civil society monitoring of UNSCR 1325, facilitated by GNWP and women’s groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo. IHRICON, GNWP member in Nepal is also featured.

Connecting for Peace; Issue 12
Learn about the proposed CEDAW General Recommendation on Women in Conflict and Post-conflict Situations that GNWP actively has been lobbying for and read about our recent workshop in Colombia. Ugandan member LIRWOCDI is also featured.

Connecting for Peace: Issue 11
We hear thoughts on the impact on women of the withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan and report on our local legislation workshops in Nepal. ISIS International is the featured GNWP member.

Connecting for Peace: Issue 10
GNWP talk with IFOR-WPP on their project, “Joining Forces: Engaging Men for Gender-sensitive Peacebuilding”, plus we report on Phase II of the 1325 Monitoring report and IFOR-WPP is our profiled member.

Connecting for Peace: Issue 9
In this issue GNWP report on the latest events in Uganda and the threat they pose to human rights; an update on Afghan womens shelters and we profile GNWP member Fountain ISOKO for Good Governance and the Integrated Development of Burundi.

Connecting for Peace: Issue 8
GNWP report on the latest briefings on women and peace and security issues at the UN; plus we bring news on the change of name for GNWP member AWANICh and FemLINKPACIFIC of Fiji is our featured member.

Connecting for Peace: Issue 7
Interview with Nawal El Saadawi; report on GNWP Philippines Workshops for UNSCR 1325 and GNWP member Corporación de Investigación y Acción Social y Económica (CIASE) of Colombia is profiled.

Connecting for Peace: Issue 6
A look at how women are being affected by the humanitarian crisis in Côte d’Ivoire; the launch of Nepal’s National Action plan and GNWP member, Center For Women In Goverance (CEWIGO) of Uganda, is profiled.

Connecting for Peace: Issue 5
GNWP celebrate the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day with reflections from GNWP members on how life for women has changed in their countries during their lifetimes. Plus, GNWP member, Center for Peace Education of the Philippines, is profiled.

Connecting for Peace: Issue 4
In this issue GNWP reports on the 55th Commission on the Status of Women.

Connecting for Peace: Issue 3
A look at the launch of UN Women and what it means for GNWP members from across the globe. Plus GNWP member, Association of War Affected Women (AWAW) of the Afghanistan, is profiled.

Connecting for Peace: Issue 2
In this issue GNWP report on the Peace Fair, commemorating the 10th anniversary of UNSCR 1325.

Connecting for Peace: Issue 1
A report on the Afghan Peace Jirga; Center for Women In Governance’s (CEWIGO) 2-Day UNSCR1325 stakeholder consultative workshop and we profile GNWP member, Afghan Women’s Network (AWN).