Community Empowerment for Progress Organization

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), South Sudan

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization-CEPO is a non-profit, civil society, Southern Sudanese organization, registered by the Ministry of Justice on 17th Nov,  2010.  It was formed to engage Juba University students and fresh South Sudanese University graduates in building their respective communities/ societies on a voluntary basis.

The organization was initially formed in Khartoum in 2005 and consisted of mostly University students, but its scope broadened after it was established in Juba , Southern Sudan as separate entity.  At its inception, the organization was mainly looking at establishment of Justice and Confidence Centre for provision of legal aid services and peace building and conflict transformation through peace dialogues.

CEPO is engaged in the areas of Peace and conflict mitigation, human rights, rule of law, livelihood, governance and democratic transformation.

CEPO’s is building capacity and capability of society members towards development through self reliance and genuine intervention.

CEPO’s mission is to Strengthen and Promote the capacity and capability of society members on peace building, security reform, culture of human rights, protection, democratic principles and livelihood.

CEPO Mission Messages/Expected results (mandate):

  • Secure and peaceful society
  • Self-reliant society
  • Obeying and honoring rule of law and protection
  • Responsive security society

a)    To involve community members in livelihood activities, economical  and agricultural  projects
b)    To bring the process of policy development in the legislature closer to the members of the society.
c)    To make policy development processes more participatory for institutionalizing  accountability and transparency of government and leadership
d)    To promote community members interaction with the security organs in order to achieve a suitable and secure society
e)    To promote and strengthen effective engagement of community members in peace building, human rights and protection.

Programs (focus on women and peace and security) 
a)    Peace and conflict mitigation

  • Influencing security institutions for reformation and accountability
  • Community and inter-state dialogue
  • Communal disputes mitigation
  • Stereotypes mitigation and strategies

b)    Governance and democracy promotion

  • Creation of public awareness, analysis policy
  • Advocacy on access public information
  • Promotion of political parties dialogue and monitoring
  • Public awareness on democratic principles
  • Interaction with government organs on governance issues
  • Influencing good governance at the local government councils and administrator officer

c)    Livelihood and Gender interventions

  • Support education: this is targeting the empowerment of girl child education through intervention of parents and teachers association that aim at strengthening girl participation in school
  • Support initiatives of self-reliance
  • Availing facility of accessing income and marketing
  • Agriculture
  • Work with the communities on what is harmful culture and tradition for their particular communities
  • Work on what is deserved and underserved punishment
  • Influencing protection unit for issue of GBV and human rights violation
  • Development of national gender manual
  • Support women empowerment initiative
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting on strategies to deal with GBV and human rights violation

d)    Human rights and Rule of law promotion

  • Awareness raising on the existing laws
  • Promotion of paralegal services
  • Accessibility of the existing the laws
  • Creation of awareness on human rights principles
  • Publication  of human rights violations
  • Advocate for prosecution of criminals
  • Record, analysis and  review legal dispute resolutions
  • Documentation of the customary courts practices
  • Advocate for code of conduct

Contact Information
Edmund Yakani, Program coordinator
Contact – +211956104224
Organization Email,