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Nepal, June 2011
GNWP’s capacity building and formulation of local legislation and 1325 project is a decentralized and localized  approach to SCR 1325 and 1820 implementation. It broadens the discussions on SCR 1325 and 1820 to include critical local actors such as provincial governors, mayors, local councilors, grassroots women’s organizations, local police and military officers, provincial judges and prosecutors, religious leaders, tribal leaders and community elders. The project elevates awareness-raising into concrete actions for implementation and  develops local legislation and policy documents that supports effective implementation of SCR 1325 at the most local level of governance. It is a bottom up alignment of local, national and international policies and community strategies that has a great multiplier effect and as a result ensures local ownership, participation and concrete actions.  The  first phase of the project in Nepal was implemented in June, 2011. The second phase will be carried out in May 2012.

Video interview with Former Secretary Ganga Awasthi, Ministry of Local Development

Burundi, December 2010
In December 2010, GNWP together with members Women Peacemakers Program (WPP) and Fontaine ISOKO for Good Governance and Integrated Development organized capacity building and local legislation workshops in Bujumbura and and Ngozi province. The local legislation workshops served as awareness–raising workshops on the two resolutions and Burundi’s draft national action plan. Furthermore, they served as capacity building workshops on formulating communal development plans, the blue print for implementing development programs at the district level.

Video interviews with participants in the Bujumbura and Ngozi workshops will be coming soon.



DRC, August 2010
In partnership with members Cadre Permanent de Concertation de la Femme Congolese (CAFCO) and Réseau Femme et Développement (Women and Development Network), GNWP facilitated an indicators workshop in Kinshasa August 23-34, 2010. The workshop launched the project in-country monitoring of UNSCR 1325 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The goal of the monitoring project, which was launched in February 2010 with the GNWP indicators development/selection workshop in New York, is to identify and develop instruments for NGO monitoring and accurately assessing 1325 implementation. Although GNWP members from DRC were unable to attend the workshop in New York in February they demonstrated great interest and commitment to the project and worked together with the GNWP coordinating team to prepare a similar workshop in DRC.

Video interview with Dominque Basenga; Gender Adviser, MONUSCO

Video interview with Liliane Civava; CAFCO, South Kivu

Burundi, June 2010
In partnership with its member Women Peacemakers Program (WPP) Burundi, GNWP facilitated a public meeting in Bujumbura and a local legislation workshop in Gitega; Burundi June 14-19. The goal of this project, which we hope to replicate in other provinces of Burundi, as well as in other GNWP member countries, is to enhance the capacity of women in conflict-affected communities to use legal mechanisms available at the international, regional and national levels in order to protect their rights, ensure participation in decision-making and guarantee redress.

Video interview with Catherine Mabobori

Video interview with Fabien Nsengimana

Video interview with Pascasie Ndayizeye

Video interview with Jean Bosco Muzize

Video interview with Jenepher Masis