AWID Forum 2012 GNWP Events

Women’s Economic Empowerment: The missing link in 1325 conversations will be held April 20 11.30-13.00 in Marmara

The in depth discussion on Militarism, Violence and Conflict will be in four sessions: April 21 13.30-14.30; 16.30 -18.00April 22 11-12.30; 14-15.30 in the Sadabad Auditorium

Women’s Economic Empowerment: The missing link in 1325 conversations 

Co-organizers: Global Network of Women Peacebuilders and Cordaid 

Women’s groups engaged in economic empowerment initiatives in conflict/post-conflict settings discuss the transformative elements and advocacy opportunities women can take advantage of to shape the economic agenda in conflict-affected societies. They will address financing for Resolution 1325/ women, peace and security; identify best practices, lessons; and a common policy agenda.


Additionally, we will be co-facilitating the in depth discussion Militarism, Violence and Conflict.

This session builds on ongoing concerns and understandings of militarism, violence and armed conflict, how these issues impact women’s lives, and ways women have been organizing for a peaceful world.

It will engage participants in a series of conversations that examine the processes and gender-specific impacts of militarism, militarization, armed conflict and violence. It will address concerns and analyses from the local to the global, create space to learn about and discuss women’s resilience and resistance, brainstorm creative ways to confront these challenges and promote an end to conflict and gender-based violence.

The focus of the session will be on the economics of militarism and its gendered dimensions. It will also address the processes whereby the logic and values of militarism become normalized and embedded in communities and societies, including those living under occupation, and look at what constitutes genuine security from a feminist perspective. The intersections of militarism with gender, race, class and sexuality – including sexual violence and violence against women human rights defenders – are other examples of important issues to be explored. The session will provide a space to share strategies and experiences of resistance, healing, peace-building and utilization of UN resolutions and alternative forms of transitional justice.


  1. To enable participants to ‘go deeper’ on key issues and come away from the Forum with stronger understanding of the session theme and/or concrete strategy ideas to take home with them; and to facilitate deeper cross-regional and cross-movement engagement
  2. Identify areas of common action for feminist critical engagement on the follow up of these agendas

Structure of Session

The 6-hour In-Depth session will be organized into four periods of 1.5 hours each, with a break in between over 2 days (likely, the 21 and 22 April).


Committee: Brigid Inder, Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice, Mavic Cabrera-Balleza, Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP), Kumi Samuel, DAWN, Amina Mama, Strengthening Women Against Conflict and Militarism (SWACM), Margo Okazawa-Rey, Strengthening Women Against Conflict (SWACM) and International Network of Women Against Militarism (INWAM), Charlotte Bunch, Savi Bisnath & Julie Salthouse, Center for Women’s Global Leadership, Rosalind Petchesky, Paola Gonazalez Rosales, Guatemalan Women’s National Union (UNAMG).

AWID staff coordination/support: Shareen Gokal