Blogger Guidelines

Be Responsible. Blogs, wikis, photo-sharing and other forms of online dialogue are individual interactions, not official communications of GNWP or ICAN. GNWP staff and volunteers are personally responsible for their posts.

Identify Yourself. Authenticity and transparency are driving factors of the blogosphere. List your name and when relevant role at GNWP if applicable in a short two or three sentence bio to be included at the end of the post.

Include a Disclaimer. All blog posts written for the GNWP blog should include the following disclaimer: “The postings on this site are my own and don’t represent GNWPs’ positions, strategies or opinions.” This is a good practice but does not exempt you from being held accountable for what you write.

Include Links, Photos and Tags. Find out who else is blogging about the same topic and cite them with a link or make a post on their blog. Links are what determine a blog’s popularity rating on blog search engines like Technorati. It’s also a way of connecting to the bigger conversation and reaching out to new audiences. Bloggers are encouraged to include photos when possible. Please also include the tags you’d like your post to be tagged with when submitting.

Be Respectful. It’s okay to disagree with others but respect your audience and don’t use obscenities, personal insults, ethnic slurs or other disparaging language to express yourself.